Safety Tips

    Antivirus Tips

    How can you prevent viruses?

    You can get rid of viruses when they have infected your computer, but this process can be a real pain. Like all kinds of virus, a cure is not as good as prevention, so here are some ways to ensure your computer is never infected with a virus. If you're not sure about the safety of something, avoid it and contact your security software provider to seek advice.

    • Never open files received from an unfamiliar or distrustful website or emails address.
    • Do not open email attachments unless you know who the email is from and what the attachment is.
    • Even though an email is from a friend, it may still have been hacked and could contain viruses even if the sender is unaware.
    • Never open email attachments if the subject line appears out of place or unusual.
    • Do not reply to or forward chain and junk email. These types of email are considered spam.
    • Never download a file from somebody you do not know.
    • Be cautious when downloading from the internet and ensure any sources you download from are trustworthy and legitimate. Install an anti-virus program and scan files before they are downloaded onto your PC.
    • Keep your security software updated regularly. McAfee Total Protection is a security software which will update automatically so that you have constant, worry-free protection.
    • Keep your files backed up. If a virus attacks and corrupts your files, you won;t have lost anything thanks to the back up copy. You should ideally back up your files on an external hard drive.
    • If you are in any doubt, be careful and avoid what you are not sure about. Keep updating your security software, web browser and computer operating system.