Safety Tips

    Safe mobile banking, how?

    Because our mobile phones are so advanced nowadays, and are developing every day, our lives are becoming easier and we are more efficient at getting things done. Our phones can be used to do more than ever before, but this means we have to take extra care to keep ourselves and our devices protected.

    Our mobiles can almost be used as mini computers, which means they are vulnerable to the same threats as a computer, so we need to be just as careful and take the same safety measures. Online banking is a particularly dangerous situation.

    It is common for people to receive emails and text messages from people who claim to be their bank. Most banks will have a huge amount of security in place so you shouldn't trust these messages. A good way of keeping safe is always logging out of your bank's website after use.

    Other steps that can be taken include:

    • Download the official app for your bank.
    • Make sure you are using a secure internet connection, especially when using Wi-Fi. Do not share personal information in a public place or whilst you are using public Wi-Fi.
    • If you have logged in online in a public place, be sure to change your password immediately afterwards.
    • Set up a password on your portable device and set it to automatically lock.
    • Never store personal information on your mobile or other device.
    • Do not share your passwords, bank details or card details.
    • Never share bank information in a text.
    • Once you have read any messages or correspondence from your bank, delete it all.
    • Check over your bank statements and take note of anything unusual.
    • If you have lost your mobile, tablet or laptop, immediately inform your bank.
    • Before you download an app, read reviews to check that it is legitimate.
    • Install McAfee® Mobile Security software for protection against viruses and malware, and to protect your personal data in the event of loss or theft by remotely wiping and locking your mobile.

    If you have noticed anything unusual or out of the ordinary, immediately contact your bank and follow any security procedures you are informed of. uses cookies to give you a better service online. By using this website or closing this message, you are agreeing to our Cookie policy.OK