Safety Tips

    What is mobile malware?

    The world is becoming more fast-paced every day, so it's becoming vital that we are all able to do things on the go. Mobiles are being used for a huge range of purposes nowadays, such as internet browsing, social networking and emailing, all of which allow us to stay in touch with work even when we're not there.

    No matter what device you are using the internet on, you will always be vulnerable to viruses and malware, and because more people are beginning to use the internet on their mobiles, more cyber criminals are starting to target mobiles. However, just like on a PC, there are ways in which you can avoid mobile malware. By installing security software on your mobile, you can safeguard your mobile and files from viruses and other attacks.

    You should take the same precautions on your mobile as you would on your PC. Don't click on any suspicious links, and make sure you check that an app is legitimate before you download it. Malicious apps can steal your personal information and can even charge you huge amounts of money.

    What can you do to prevent an infection reaching your mobile?

    • Read reviews to make sure any apps you download are safe, and make sure they are from a legitimate source.
    • Never accept terms and conditions without reading the privacy policy first.
    • Check over your bills to make sure there are no unexpected or unusual charges.
    • Only use the internet if the connection is secure, especially if you are using Wi-Fi.
    • Never respond to texts, emails or voicemails asking for your personal information. If you're not sure whether the message is trustworthy, look on the website for a phone number you can call.
    • Ensure that any websites you visit are genuine.
    • Never open messages from strangers or share information with them.
    • Install McAfee® Mobile Security on your mobile for protection from viruses and malware. You'll be able to search the internet safely and if your mobile is lost or stolen, it will let you lock and wipe your phone remotely to protect your personal information. uses cookies to give you a better service online. By using this website or closing this message, you are agreeing to our Cookie policy.OK