About McAfee

    About McAfee

    McAfee® is an Intel Corporation subsidiary and is the world's largest company dedicated to security. Since 1987, McAfee® has been running with one main aim: to keep their customers safe from online threats. They are always thinking of new and innovative ways to keep customers safe online.

    McAfee®'s software is easy to use and will ensure that any computer it is installed on is protected from malware and online threats at all times. Plus, customers can take comfort in the fact that McAfee®'s Global Threat Intelligence can track new threats, so they will be protected from emerging threats before they have even reached them.

    McAfee® don't only strive to make computers safe, but also families. McAfee® customers can choose software which will allow them to restrict their children’s access to certain areas of the internet and monitor their activities so that they can be sure their children are safe online.

    These days, we don't just use the internet on our computers, and McAfee® can help you ensure you are protected on the go as well as at home. With McAfee®'s mobile software you can track down a lost or stolen phone and wipe the information on it so that nobody can steal your details.

    Wherever and however you are accessing the internet, McAfee® will ensure you are protected from online threats and criminals, and will keep coming up with new ways to fight off future threats.

    McAfee® Corporate Headquarters
    2821 Mission College Blvd.
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    About CK NET

    At McAfeeoffers.com we strive to provide the best quality security solutions to our customers for all their devices to provide them with a safe browsing experience. We offer a wide range of security software solutions in all areas including anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and backup and restore services.

    We can provide you with all the latest McAfee® products at the lowest prices, so you can make sure all your devices both at home and in the office can stay safe according to your chosen level of protection and your budget.

    McAfeeoffers.com is managed by CK NET Advertising Limited - an authorised partner of McAfee®. (Company number: 04862516 / VAT registration number: 827 2595 07).

    Registered offices:
    Connect House
    Kingston Road
    Leatherhead KT22 7LT

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