Internet Security Tips

    Need mobile protection?

    Mobile phones are now being used for socialising, shopping, working and even banking, and because more an more people are using them for these things, more and more online criminals are targeting mobile users with viruses and other attacks.

    Safe mobile banking, how?

    Our mobiles can almost be used as mini computers, which means they are vulnerable to the same threats as a computer, so we need to be just as careful and take the same safety measures. Online banking is a particularly dangerous situation.

    Is your mobile wallet safe?

    The NFC process consists of the credentials from your mobile phone being shared with the terminal in a shop or restaurant. It is quite similar to Bluetooth, except that it only shares enough information to prove your identity, and no more.

    6 Tips for Safe and Successful Online Shopping

    Online shopping is a great way to save time as well as money, but it's important to be aware of the risks involved so that you can keep yourself safe. Sharing bank details online can be dangerous, and there are some things you should consider before you go through with a purchase.

    Phishing – How Can You Avoid Getting Hooked?

    Although phishing does not involve a rod, you can still be caught by the phishers who will lure you in with bait and trick you into trusting them. Phishing is a type of internet scam which is commonly targeted at people conducting online transactions when online shopping or banking.

    Protect Children Online

    Children use social networking sites, email and instant messaging on a regular basis, and many of them have experience of online shopping, too. All of these things pose risks, so how can parents help to keep their children safe online?

    Reduce Spam Risk

    Everybody has experienced getting spam, so everyone knows how annoying it is. Spam consists of unsolicited emails or messages which often promote fake products and services or get-rich-quick schemes. It is important that you do not respond to spam messages or click on any links they provide because many of these messages could be linked to phishing scams or viruses.

    Protect Yourself Online

    Whenever you go online, you become vulnerable to attacks from cyber criminals. Hackers and other malicious users will use the internet to their advantage in order to steal your personal information such as bank details and passwords. Here are some ways in which you can help to keep yourself and your device safe.

    Antivirus Tips

    You can get rid of viruses when they have infected your computer, but this process can be a real pain. Like all kinds of virus, a cure is not as good as prevention, so here are some ways to ensure your computer is never infected with a virus. If you're not sure about the safety of something, avoid it and contact your security software provider to seek advice.

    What is mobile malware?

    Mobiles are being used for a huge range of purposes nowadays, such as internet browsing, social networking and emailing, all of which allow us to stay in touch with work even when we're not there.

    Spyware Trap

    Whilst you are browsing the internet, small files can be downloaded onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. These files are called spyware, and can be used to share your personal details with third parties without your consent.

    Make Your Password More Secure

    The internet is a fantastic tool and there is no limit to the things we can learn from it. We can communicate quickly and efficiently with friends and relatives anywhere in the world, and we can use it to make practically any task easier. However, nothing this good comes without a catch and the internet can be very dangerous.

    Parental Controls to Deter Cyberbullying

    The world is constantly moving forward and it's important that our children are able to use the technology which will no doubt become more prevalent in their lifetimes, but it's even more important that they know how to stay safe whilst using it, because it does not come without risks. uses cookies to give you a better service online. By using this website or closing this message, you are agreeing to our Cookie policy.OK