Safety Tips

    Protect Yourself Online

    Whenever you go online, you become vulnerable to attacks from cyber criminals. Hackers and other malicious users will use the internet to their advantage in order to steal your personal information such as bank details and passwords. Here are some ways in which you can help to keep yourself and your device safe.

    • Passwords: We tend to go for passwords which are easy to remember like names and dates, but these are also easy to guess. A strong password should include punctuation, numbers and capital letters.
    • Email: Emails are great for communication but that doesn't mean your messages are safe. Be careful when opening messages from strangers and don't click on unexpected links. Do not share your personal information over email.
    • Instant Messaging: Instant messaging is useful and convenient but you should never share personal details over it. Be cautious if you are added by a stranger and never use your real name – go by a made-up screen name instead to protect your identity.
    • Online shopping: Shopping online can save you money and time, but it can be dangerous. Make sure the website is legitimate and verified by governing bodies. The URL should show “https” and a padlock symbol if the site is secure.
    • Phishing scams: There are many websites out there which are made to look authentic but are really part of a phishing scam. These sites are made to steal your personal details when you enter them. You should check that the website you are using is real before you enter your details, and if you are unsure you can call them to check. There should be a real phone number displayed on the site if it is real.
    • Online gaming: This can give us hours of fun but you need to be sure that your security software is compatible.
    • Children: Keep a shared PC in a family area so that you can see which websites you children are visiting and make sure they are suitable. Use parental controls to prevent them from accessing adult content and to limit their time online.
    • Get McAfee®: Installing McAfee® security software will keep your PC and your family safe from online threats such as viruses and spyware. uses cookies to give you a better service online. By using this website or closing this message, you are agreeing to our Cookie policy.OK